High Constellation Windfarm

A project of BayWa r.e. UK Limited

High Constellation Windfarm Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary of BayWa r.e UK. Following the development of the windfarm of by Blue Energy BayWa are now taking the project forward through construction and operation. 

BayWa r.e. UK is a renewable energy developer focused on onshore wind in Scotland and Ireland, solar projects throughout the UK and Ireland, and commercial and technical asset management of wind and solar sites throughout the UK. We have 80 staff working across three offices in Scotland - in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling, and 20 staff in Milton Keynes (solar asset management). 

We have 130 MW of consented onshore wind in Scotland, and are currently working on preparing applications for approximately 300 MW of new, onshore wind projects.

Site Location

About the Project 

High Constellation Wind Farm is located immediately adjacent to the operational Cour Wind Farm, within the administrative boundary of Argyll and Bute Council. The site is located primarily in commercial coniferous forestry at an altitude of approximately 230m. 

The consented site entrance will be from the A83, approximately 4km north of Clachan. This is the same site entrance used for the construction of Cour Wind Farm, and which continues to be used for ongoing operations and maintenance work at Cour. All wind turbine components will be delivered via this route, which has been proven capable of accommodating delivery vehicles from the construction of Cour Wind Farm.  

High Constellation turbines are partially located within commercial forestry and consent has been granted to undertake advances felling works detailed in the Development felling plan and Habitat Management Plans submitted with the Section 36 application documents. The activities will be carried out using standard forest harvesting equipment with commercial timber being removed from the site.   

Why here?

  • Good wind resource, proven by generation of Cour Wind Farm 
  • Existing Cour Wind Farm access track will be used
  • Proven access for getting turbines to the site
  • Available land 
  • No landscape or ecological designations on the site 
  • Remote from houses 
  • No archaeological sensitivities 
  • The site does not conflict with airport or navigational radar or microwave links
    Kerr Willis
    Head of Project Management
    BayWa r.e. UK Limited
    Laura Fleming
    Project Developer
    BayWa r.e. UK Limited
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