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Hybrid Renewable Projects: Efficient Power Systems

Combining solar, wind and battery technologies for futureproof assets

Hybrid energy projects combine multiple renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, and storage technologies to increase power system efficiency and ensure greater stability in energy supply.

In the coming years, hybrid projects will become an increasingly crucial part of our energy landscape as they offer site-specific solutions to capture more available energy resources, facilitating carbon-free energy generation.

At BayWa r.e. we are actively developing different technologies such as wind, solar and battery energy storage systems globally. Cross-technology expertise and collaboration between multidisciplinary teams enables us to address the challenges of large-scale hybrid projects and multi-technology renewable energy schemes.

We are your perfect partner for the development, construction, delivery, financing, and operation of hybrid renewable projects.

Did you know?

Hybrid projects are an essential part of the energy transition!

BayWa r.e. hybrid solutions are a unique way of combining different renewable technologies like wind turbines and solar panels with battery energy storage systems. Hybrid projects are paving the way for increased, efficient renewable energy deployment and balancing the intermittency of generation on the grid network.

Plus, sharing the same grid connection point means costs savings and enhanced performance synergies.

How do hybrid technologies work?


Assets sited together/nearby, sharing the same grid connection point, but operations are optimised separately.

Full hybrid

Assets sited together/nearby, sharing the same grid connection point and jointly operated to achieve performance synergies.

Electricity Grid

The network of powerlines and electricity infrastructure that allows electricity to be transported between different assets.

Point of Connection (PoC)

At this point, the wind or solar farm and storage assets are jointly connected to the public grid, delivering green energy to households, businesses and industries.

Leveraging strengths through an efficient mix of technologies

Innovation in global hybrid-power

When developing new projects, we combine a diverse variety of technologies to maximise the strengths of the single assets and the possible energy transition.

We are global specialists in large-scale grid-connected hybrid projects and off-grid hybrid solutions. Our interdisciplinary teams excel in optimising value, navigating local regulations, and successful project execution worldwide.

Hybrid projects bring multiple benefits evidenced by performance improvements during project development, construction and in the operational phase. Where different energy assets share a single site, significant cost savings can be achieved through optimised grid and land utilisation.

If a PV or wind project is combined with energy storage, the renewable electricity produced can be stored and optimised, and made available during the hours of when demand is high. In addition, project owners can benefit from additional revenue opportunities in the energy and ancillary service markets.


BayWa r.e. Hybrid Projects in numbers

hybrid projects delivered worldwide
hybrid projects being developed in the UK
GW in the global project pipeline

Our investment in hybrid projects allows us to leverage and combine the multiple benefits from two different methodologies. Hybrid projects benefit from shared infrastructure, maximising the efficient use of a single grid connection, and they offer a variety of revenue streams. All these factors help accelerate the transition to net zero.

Gemma Hamilton, Head of Commercial Strategy
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