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Acquisition and Realisation of Solar Projects

Work with the experts and secure a brighter future

To overview

Project development and realisation

Enjoy total support throughout your project’s entire lifespan. Our significant experience lets us guide you from concept to financing, engineering, and onwards to handover. We’ll help you collaborate effectively with communities, landowners, and local authorities to make the best possible use of time and space.

Our project development services include:

  • Site analysis and assessment
  • Greenfield project planning
  • Yield simulations
  • Writing applications
  • Approval planning and help with the process
  • Systems engineering
  • Scheme and construction design
  • Cooperation with local developers and design engineers
  • Project acquisition
  • Assistance with joint regional projects

    We can acquire project rights at any stage

    Need to sell your project rights quickly? Or do you need a strong financing partner? Not only can we acquire the rights to your project, we can provide ongoing collaboration and support.

    In countries which focus on the tendering process, let our experience and financial strength guide you through. Get in touch today and begin your path to success.

    FAQs about solar project development

    • Can I farm my land while it is under option to the developer?

      Yes, the landowner can still farm the land during the option period with no effect on current farm practices.

    • Can I farm my land while it is under lease to the developer?

      The land area where the solar project has been constructed will need to be maintained e.g. grass and hedges. Sheep will be able to graze in and around the solar PV panels.  Land areas that are not part of the project can still be farmed.

    • How long does the development process take and why?

      The steps to development of the project are outlined below:

      1. Agreement on option and lease arrangements: typically six months

      2. Planning application assembly and submission for planning approval: typically nine months (seasonal dependencies)

      3. Development of connection arrangements, grid connection application and offer acceptance

    • How long is the construction period?

      A solar farm is typically constructed in three to six months. This is made possible by BayWa r.e. offsite engineering of the project to minimise the time frame.

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