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BayWa r.e.: A Leader in Ground-mounted Solar Farms

Utility scale solar PV plants from the pioneer of subsidy free solar projects

BayWa r.e.’s experience with solar technologies

At BayWa r.e. we have extensive experience with solar technologies both globally and across the UK. We have installed over 350 MWp of solar capacity across the UK and our UK development team is currently working on delivering a pipeline of 1.2 GWp.

Globally, we are a leading developer of a variety of solar technologies, included utility-scale ground-mounted projects, solar farms that are co-located with battery energy storage systems (BESS), Agri-PV, as well as Floating-PV.

The perfect balance of system integration  

System integration plays a key role in planning and developing solar plants. We work with leading Tier 1 manufacturers who are experts in the photovoltaic sector. The standards set by our engineers guarantee the perfect integration of modules, inverters, cabling and substructures into the entire system.

Superior quality and increase in production thanks to certified processes

In 2016, BayWa r.e. was the first solar power company to receive a VDE (Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) compliance certificate for the installation of standardised photovoltaic plants. In 2019, TÜV Süd recognized our parent company for its pioneering efforts in quality and environmental management by awarding it ISO certification.

We’re experts in applying world-class standards and certified processes and have in-depth local knowledge of the market in the UK and Ireland. With all our projects, we aim to make the best use of land through area-specific system engineering and the implementation of innovative technologies. This is vital to ensure optimum use of available land to achieve maximum capacity and an increase in production over the long term.

Lease your land

Every project is unique. We take care to structure each one according to your individual requirements.

Do you have suitable land? We are interested in:

  • Gently sloping land areas of at least 100 acres with grid infrastructure nearby;
  • Areas with high levels of solar irradiance;
  • Cropland in areas with lower grade land or land used for grazing;
  • Brownfield or former industrial sites.

We offer a rental income for a minimum of 30 years.

Unique characteristics of ground-mounted PV systems from BayWa r.e. 


Our top priority is that every project provides added value – which is why we are also exploring new and innovative technologies, including co-locating battery energy security systems (BESS) with ground mounted solar systems, agriphotovoltaics (agri-PV), which allows for the simultaneous use of land for agricultural food and PV electricity production, as well as technologies that do not involve ground-mounting, such as floating-PV.

Lowest OPEX

Mature technology and high-quality components allow for the lowest OPEX and long-term cash flow. All components integrate to perfection for the best possible yield.


We are committed to increasing biodiversity in our ground-mounted solar farms and their surrounding areas, protecting and creating habitats for insects, birds and animals.

Land Use

During the operation of ground mounted solar farms, sheep can still graze on the land beneath and around the panels. This means the agricultural use of the land can be continued, whilst naturally maintaining the grassland, habitat, and soil quality. BayWa r.e. has a portfolio of almost 1,000 MW across 35 solar farms used for sheep grazing in Europe.


Community matters: we value local communities and engagement. Local communities are paramount to every single one of our solar projects around the world.

Market leader

As a market leader in utility scale ground mounted solar projects, BayWa r.e. is the most reliable partner to develop, build and operate large scale solar farms.

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