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Invest in the Sun – with Secure Returns on Investment

Profit from our highest-quality certified photovoltaic systems.

To overview

Turnkey handover to investors in solar parks 

Take advantage of our years of experience in developing freestanding turnkey photovoltaic systems in the megawatt range. We are experts at all stages of project development, from planning to completion. Our project managers ensure that your solar park projects meet your unique desires and the highest quality expectations.

Our certified processes guarantee superior quality – and a high yield

In 2016, BayWa r.e. was the first company in the solar sector to be awarded the VDE certificate for the installation of standardised photovoltaic power plants. In certifying our development processes, the Verband der Elektrotechnik (VDE) confirmed that we make the best possible use of available land through site-specific system engineering and the consistent employment of high-quality system technology. In other words: our processes fulfil the prerequisites for the development of high system yields long-term.

Construction of a BayWa r.e. solar farm in time-lapse

Solar parks from a single source: we manage contracts and approvals

In addition to the on-site realisation of photovoltaic systems, BayWa r.e. takes care of all the contracts and rights required for the construction and operation of your solar energy system. BayWa r.e. takes on responsibility for your lease contract, building permits and grid connection, as well as the ongoing technical and commercial operations management and the purchasing of required insurance policies. As a result, your solar park becomes coverable by long-term bank finance.

Power Purchase Agreements – the key element to your participation in new markets

A decreasing number of countries and markets offer fixed tariffs for solar electricity. To compensate for these changes, BayWa r.e. can partner with you to help you find a purchaser for the electricity produced by your photovoltaic system. Take advantage of our extensive expertise in Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). We have significant experience cooperating with electricity customers, including both high-volume industrial consumers and utilities, which leads to our consistent success in the highly competitive PPA market.

    Alasdair Macleod
    Turnkey Construction Solar
    BayWa r.e. UK Limited
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