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BayWa AG

Rooftop Photovoltaic Installations, with or without Investment

We help companies, municipalities, and individuals generate and use their own solar energy.

To overview

Green energy pays 

Rising electricity prices and ambitious sustainability targets are forcing companies around the world to take action. Solutions are complex, however, as every country has its own set of legal regulations and every company has unique requirements. BayWa r.e. offers special solar power solutions for industrial and commercial customers in order to resolve these dilemmas and ensure precisely predictable electricity costs long-term. Our specialists can present you with options tailored to your specific needs, in compliance with country-specific conditions.

Produce your own green energy and lower energy costs 

We build rooftop photovoltaic installations for companies and commercial activities according to the highest quality standards. We offer various financing models for turnkey installations, optimised for self-consumption:


Invest in your own photovoltaic plant for self-consumption. Investing allows you to obtain the necessary capital at particularly low interest rates, so that you can pay off your photovoltaic plant within a few years. You can also expect returns on your investment to increase as the price of electricity continues to rise.


Allow us to construct the photovoltaic installation on your roof and confer it to you in the form of a lease. By following our leasing model, you can use solar energy at a reduced cost. 

You simultaneously eliminate investment costs and benefit from maximum security through the duration of the contract, which typically lasts around 15 years under favourable conditions. After the initial contract period is over, you have the option of acquiring ownership of the solar plant on your roof.

Power Purchase Agreements

Ensure the reliable provision of electricity at fixed prices with our long-term contracts for renewable sources (Power Purchase Agreements, PPAs). In this model, the energy comes directly from your roof without requiring that you invest in the construction and maintenance of the photovoltaic plant. In other words, you immediately begin saving without investing your own capital. 

Get a free offer on photovoltaic installation

  • We verify the suitability of your roof for photovoltaic installation with a minimum size of 15,000 m².
  • Based on our yield calculation, we determine the electricity that your installation can be expected to produce.
  • Based on your load profile, we predict the potential self-consumption rate.
  • We optimise the size of the installation according to the desired level of energy designated for self-consumption.
  • We offer you full consultation on existing regulations, including affordability analyses.
    Alasdair Macleod
    Project Development Solar
    BayWa r.e. UK Limited
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