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Let us be your Partner for Offshore Wind Energy

To overview

Developing an offshore wind farm with BayWa r.e.

For more than 30 years, we have successfully delivered high-quality commercial-scale onshore wind projects around the world, capturing renewable energy in a new dimension. In order to expand our portfolio, we have been focusing on the offshore wind sector since 2019. Our aim: By developing offshore wind power projects across the world we want to deliver the highest quality renewable energy projects at scale. Within this mission, we are leveraging our existing in-house experience within the following areas:

  • Project development
  • Operations and management skills
  • Engineering
  • Financing
  • Offtake
  • Construction

We are active in many markets, including in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Australia.

In Scotland, our consortium comprised of BayWa r.e., Elicio and BW Ideol is developing the Buchan Offshore Wind project, currently in its scoping stage.

With many years of experience in onshore wind energy – now it is time to apply our innovative mindset, collaborative approach and project realisation expertise in the offshore wind sector.

Our offshore activities in the UK 

BayWa r.e. is one of the partners developing the Buchan Offshore Wind project. In 2022, the consortium of Elicio, a Belgian offshore wind developer, owner and operator, and BW Ideol, an international floating wind technology provider, and BayWa r.e. secured the right to develop the NE8 area in the ScotWind tender, which was launched by Crown Estate Scotland.

Through its participation in this partnership, BayWa r.e. brings many skills and capabilities to Scotland such as significant project development and asset management skills, expertise on the environmental and consenting process, expertise on environmental risks and constraints, advice on onshore planning and cable routing, stakeholder engagement as well as the support of its experienced offshore wind team members who have over 30 GW of offshore wind experience in development, construction and operation .

You can find out more about Buchan Offshore Wind here:

BW Ideol’s floating wind turbine operating in France (credits : BW Ideol / V.Joncheray)

Offshore Wind in Scotland: a huge potential

Offshore Wind is meant intended to be one of the main renewable sources in the next ten years. It will play a major role in decarbonising our energy mix in the UK.

Scotland has a huge potential to lead the development of offshore wind by being the largest market for installed offshore wind capacity in Europe and the 2nd largest in the world. The British government has an ambition for offshore wind deployment of up to 50 GW 2030 to reach its net zero objectives by 2050.
We have a key role to play in order to support the transition to clean, renewable energy: the industry and local stakeholders must be prepared.

Why are offshore wind farms interesting for investors?

Offshore wind power represents an established and high growth market, which offers significant potential for experienced investors, developers and operators.

Already, offshore wind turbines accomplish an important contribution for generating power in Europe. Globally, 2019 was a record year for this technology, and it is expected to play a major role in the economy’s recovery post COVID. Offshore wind power is forecast to become the largest source of electricity in the EU by 2040.

Are you sharing our vision of a green future?

With the development of offshore wind farms we would like to provide a further contribution to accomplish the green energy revolution. It is our goal to implement highest quality projects within the area of renewable energy to realise our vision of an environmentally friendly future.

How does floating wind energy work?

Blade rotation

With the power of the wind the blades start to rotate, which makes the generator turn.

Energy generation

The generator transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Offshore substation

The electricity is transmitted via array cables to the offshore "collector" substation, which increases the electricity voltage for transmission to shore.

Grid Connection

The electricity is transmitted through the export cables onshore, where power quality and frequency are corrected.

Voltage increase

The voltage of the electricity is increased again to match the National Grid voltage in the substation and is then transmitted to homes.

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