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Broken Cross Wind Farm

A project of BayWa r.e. UK Limited

About the Project

In 2021, BayWa r.e. UK acquired the consented Broken Cross Wind Farm near Douglas Water and Rigside. Currently in the construction phase, the project is located on a 274-hectare restored former opencast coal site to the east of the M74.

Originally designed with 10-turbines having a maximum output of 48 MW and an operational lifespan of 25 years, the construction process revealed that Turbine 8 (T8) could not be placed at the chosen location due to geotechnical constraints. Currently, the project is proceeding as a 9-turbine development.

Once constructed, Broken Cross Wind Farm is anticipated to generate 43.2 MW, providing power for approximately 36,900 homes annually*. Other infrastructure includes a substation, control building and new onsite tracks.

To address these changes, a Section 42 Application, has been submitted to South Lanarkshire Council. This application seeks approval to relocate T8 within the existing site boundary, enabling development of a 10-turbine project. The application also proposes to extend the operational lifetime from 25 to 30 years.

Relocation of Turbine 8 (T8)

An application has been submitted to South Lanarkshire Council to relocate Turbine 8 to an alternative site within the Broken Cross Wind Farm boundary. Representations on the application can be made here, quoting the application reference P/23/1532.

An image showing the original and revised layout can be seen below.

As part of the application, we are also seeking an extension to the permitted lifespan of the wind farm from 25 to 30 years.

These proposed changes, through enabling a 10 turbine site, would provide an additional £24,000 in community benefit, increasing the current community benefit of £216,000 to £240,000 annually. The extension to the permitted lifespan will also mean the community benefit will be available for an additional 5 years. A 10 turbine site would increase the total community benefit contribution from £5.2 million to £7.2 million over the operational lifetime of the project.

The application will be considered by South Lanarkshire Planning Committee in spring 2024.

All planning documents can be viewed here.

Original and revised turbine layout

Turbine Delivery Route 

The main wind turbine components will be delivered by boat to the King George V Dock in Glasgow for onward travel to the site. The route taken is via the M8 and M74 to the B7078 signposted Coalburn, then right off the B7078 onto Tower Road and to the existing site junction.

Wind Turbine Component Deliveries

Each wind turbine is built of various components, some of which require transportation via specialist vehicles designed for abnormal loads. These components include three tower sections, one nacelle, one hub and three turbine blades. Each of these shipments will always be accompanied by a police escort.

Additionally, each turbine comprises several smaller parts, which will be transported to site using standard long goods vehicle trailers, which will not require an escort.

It is anticipated that deliveries will start mid September. Exact timings will be confirmed closer to the date. Please note scheduled delivery dates are subject to change and sometimes at short notice.

While every effort will be made to to mimimise disruption to other road users, it is likely that travel times will be extended during the transportation of these components.

A single convoy of abnormal load vehicles is planned from Monday to Saturday and police Scotland will co-ordinate departures from the docks to avoid peak traffic times.

Once deliveries are completed, and the parts have been unloaded, delivery vehicles will retract their trailers and return to King George V Dock in preparation for the next delivery.

Delivery Updates

We will post the most recent delivery information on this website, which will be updated once a week showing what is planned for the upcoming week. Should there be any changes or delivery delays, the website will be updated accordingly.

If you would like automatic notifications, join our e-mail list. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line "Please add to Broken Cross delivery update list”. We will only use your e-mail for this purpose, and we will delete it a week after the final delivery.**

Week commencing on 19 February 2024: 

No deliveries are planned.

Some of the shipments will be accompanied by a Police Scotland escort. While every effort will be made to to mimimise disruption to other road users, it is likely that travel times will be extended during the transportation of these components. Please note deliveries are subject to change at short notice.

Additional Resources

Indicative Project Timeline

Construction Start

October 2022

Turbine Deliveries

September to October 2023

Turbine Installation

October to December 2023

Wind Farm Commissioning

December 2023

Turbine Testing

December 2023 to February 2024


February 2024

More about the Wind Farm

Key Facts

  • Consented in April 2021
  • 9 x Nordex N133 turbines
  • Installed capacity up to 43.2 MW
  • Height of turbines to tip 149.9 m
  • Generates enough electricity to supply around 36,900 homes annually*
  • Up to £6 million of community funds over the 25 year life of wind farm
  • Habitat management plan to improve local environment


The Broken Cross Wind Farm site was formerly an open cast coal mine. Restoration of the site led to the creation of new habitats, primarily open grassland, suitable for grazing, small ponds and a wetland area. These habitats now serve as vital spaces for a variety of waders and other birds, as well as wetland plants and invertebrates.

Throughout the construction of the Broken Cross Wind Farm, priority has been given to preserving the most valuable areas, and new ponds will be added to further enhance the environment for waders. A bespoke habitat management plan aims to improve conditions for waders by overseeing the maintenance of wet grassland habitats and reinstating an area of wet heath and mire, which is currently under a conifer plantation.

Community Benefit

Once built and producing electricity, Broken Cross Wind Farm will provide an annual benefits package of £5,000 per installed megawatt. Based on a 9 turbine design, this equates to around £216,000 per year indexed linked to be shared between the communities of Coalburn, Lesmahagow, Douglas Water and Rigside. This will amount to over £5.4 million over the 25 year operational life of the development. 

Further details about the fund and how to apply will be confirmed at a later date.

Energy and Climate Change

Broken Cross Wind Farm has the potential to supply 31,000 with clean, green electricity and will make a significant contribution to South Lanarkshire Council's and the Scottish Government’s renewable energy targets by supporting climate change goals and the transition to a net zero future.

*Calculated using the most recent statistics from DESNZ showing that annual GB average domestic household consumption is 3,509kWh (as of December 2022, updated annually): number of megawatts installed, multiplied by a load factor expressed as a fraction of 1, multiplied by number of hours in a year, divided by average annual domestic electricity consumption expressed in MWh.

**Broken Cross Windfarm Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of BayWa r.e., is committed to safeguarding the personal information collected from any receipt by Broken Cross Wind Farm Ltd. of data in accordance with the below and we recognise our obligations in meeting commitments of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. Please leave your name and contact information if you wish to be kept up to date with Broken Cross Wind Farm. By providing such information, you are consenting to the use of this data for the purpose of us sending you any updates or newsletters associated with the Broken Cross Wind Farm. Your data will be stored in safe and secure place and will be deleted when no longer required. If you wish us to stop contacting you at any time, please contact us by email  [email protected]) and we will delete your data from our database. Further information on protection of your data can be found:     

    Andrew Barber
    Lead Project Manager - Wind
    BayWa r.e. UK Limited
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