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BayWa r.e. recognised as “Outstanding Developer”

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BayWa r.e., has been named “Outstanding Developer” at the inspiratia Energy & Sustainability Awards 2021, recognised for its expertise in the development of innovative solar projects and applications across Europe.

The first edition of inspiratia’s Energy & Sustainability Awards celebrates the achievements of pioneering companies and individuals within the global infrastructure and renewables industry.

Dr. Benedikt Ortmann, Global Director of Solar Projects at BayWa r.e. commented: “We are delighted to have been named “Outstanding Developer” at the inspiratia Energy & Sustainability Awards. Solar energy is a key pillar in helping to propel the global energy transition forward and avoid catastrophic climate change. It is an honour to be recognised for our contributions to solar development, and as all eyes turn to COP26 this week, it has never been more vital to expand the renewable energy portfolio and secure a sustainable future for our planet.” 

BayWa r.e. submitted the following projects:

The landmark Witnica Solar Project, Poland

The 64.6MWp Witnica project is Poland’s first subsidy-free, PPA-backed commercial-scale solar installation. 

Witnica demonstrates that solar power can be competitive with conventional energies, without any subsidies. The Witnica PPA agreement further marks a new era of clean and sustainable corporate energy sourcing, serving as an economic structure for a fixed price hedge against rising electricity costs. This represents an important step, for Poland and for the whole of Europe, towards 100% clean energy and the successful implementation of the sustainable energy transition. 

BayWa r.e. completed construction of Witnica earlier this year and later sold it to Alternus Energy Group. 

Market-leading expertise in the development of Agri-PV projects 

In particular, BayWa r.e. has been commended for the construction of Babberich Agri-PV system in the Netherlands which was completed in July 2020 and is the largest and technologically most sophisticated fruitvoltaic solution in Europe. 

The project, which has a capacity of 2.67 MWp and is spread over 3.3 hectares of a raspberry farm, provides a stable climate for growing fruits and generates green energy in tandem. The Babberich Agri-PV system was awarded the “smarter E AWARD” earlier this year, and this recognition further highlights BayWa r.e.’s expertise in the development of Agri-PV projects across Europe. The company aims to develop 250 MWp Agri-PV by 2025. 

The development of the three largest Floating-PV parks outside of Asia 

The completion of the two largest within record time, the 41.1 MWp Sellingen park and the 29.8 MWp Uivermeertjes park earlier this year, brought BayWa r.e.’s European portfolio to 11 Floating-PV projects. In total they have a capacity of over 180 MWp. The portfolio also includes the 27.4 MWp Bomhofsplas park, which is the third largest project outside of Asia. 

A key benefit of Floating-PV is that by using unused bodies of water, it can make an important contribution to the green energy revolution, without competing against other uses for land. In designing and building Floating-PV projects, BayWa r.e. also ensures minimal impact on the surrounding ecology and biodiversity. 


(Image Source: Inspiratia)

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Karin Kreuzer
Global Communications Manager
BayWa r.e. AG
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