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Your Wind and Solar Assets in Good Hands

BayWa r.e. offers you effortless management of your assets as a whole and a simultaneous eye for detail.

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All your solutions from one provider

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BayWa r.e. provides a comprehensive range of operational, financial and administrative services. We manage the day-to-day issues raised by our customers, suppliers and service providers – a crucial factor for optimum project operation and performance.

We take care of all your commercial asset management needs, including:

  • Comprehensive corporate and special purpose vehicle (SPV) management on administrative and financial levels
  • A dedicated accountancy and asset management team with significant experience in renewable energy generation assets
  • The efficient management of all commercial, financial and corporate work streams, designed to address the needs of all types of lenders and investors
  • Management of revenue streams and obligations
  • Monthly reports covering accounts, budget forecasts, the status of invoices and claims, corporate updates, and board minutes
  • CfD, ROC and FIT processing, invoicing and budgeting
  • Contract management and secretarial activities

Based on our long-standing experience, we offer the following advantages

Reliability and securityThe support of our global holding group ensures your local company financial strength and business longevity.
Knowledge and experienceOur UK asset managers are experts who have the additional support of our international corporate service network.
Value for moneyOur portfolio, one of the UK’s largest, spans regions and technologies and provides you greater cost efficiencies through the incorporation of your additional assets.
Rapid responseGiven our geographical spread and mix of centralised and local resource, we can offer rapid response times. We resolve issues quickly through our strong working relationships with DNOs, equipment suppliers, OEMs and local support contractors.
Support networkOur existing portfolio provides us with a network of partners, who are able to provide additional support in key areas, especially when the flexibility of resources is paramount.
Aligned interestsWe are an independent service provider. Our experience developing and operating our own projects provides us with a deep understanding of asset owners’ requirements and the ability to form strategic alliances with our prospective clients.
CommunicationWe allocate each project a dedicated, experienced asset manager who is supported by both our local and centralised team structures in order to deliver continuity of service at the best value.
    Natasha Kumar
    Commercial Asset Management
    BayWa r.e. Operation Services Ltd.
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