A flexible range of services

Maximise your returns with less downtime, fewer incidents and technologically advanced monitoring

No matter from which direction the wind blows, BayWa r.e. and your project’s appointed project manager, will work hard to ensure that your wind farm produces maximum electrical output.

Based on our long experience of managing various plant types, we provide the following technical and commercial asset management services:

  • Monitoring of a plant's operations through our 24/7 control centre
  • Single point of contact for both Project Management & Commercial Management
  • Proactive scheduling of all maintenance and repair activities
  • Regular visual inspections of the plants
  • Recording of operating data, analysis and optimisation of the plants
  • Data and information management
  • Technical reporting and monitoring of all actions carried out on site
  • Settlement of warranty claims, insurance cases and damaging events
  • Organisation, monitoring and analysis of recurrent inspections
  • Dedicated accountancy & asset management team with renewables experience
  • Company reports covering: accounts, budgets, invoicing, board, claims
  • ROC & FIT processing, invoicing and budgeting
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    Oliver Niedhoefer

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    BayWa r.e. Operation Services Ltd.

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Our highly qualified staff promote three core key objectives whilst carrying out all technical and commercial management tasks:

  • To lead through Health & Safety via procedures/protocols which protect all parties involved as well as the environment
  • To maximise production through a proactive management approach
  • To communicate with our clients and project stakeholders in a transparent and direct fashion

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